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project retro2I am going to start an experiment that will take months, maybe even years. Calling it Project Retro. I must admit I just thought of it today, so the details could still be fleshing out while the experiment goes on. So, the grand idea is to use $100 and turn it into a respectable collection of games.  I am going to use $100 of my own money and buy stuff from eBay then trade and resell it to break even and keep a few of the games and perhaps even make some money along the way. It’s going to be a long and difficult journey, much like the start of those JRPGs I will probably be trading alot of those as they retain their value and most of the time even goes up. This collection of games will not belong to me, it will belong to the Project Retro library. While the mission statement of Project Retro is still being developed(remember I just thought of this idea!), but I am thinking about along the lines of free game giveaways, or free to borrow from the library for our members/community.

So, my gaming background: I have been trading/buying/selling videogames online since 1998, back when I was using Sega Saturn’s Netlink to go on its 28K internet. Good times. I’ve owned probably every system in existence from NES to current generation. I don’t have alot of interest in systems before the NES as I believe they’re too rudimentary, game development was too early in its lifespan that the games are boring to me, the graphics are a bit hard to take in. I’ve owned 1 or 2 Atari systems but anything earlier than NES is pretty strange to me. My favorite systems are Sega Saturn and Sega CD. I know they’re not super popular systems, but they have a special place in my heart as being the best and most interesting systems ever created. Games like Lunar, Dragon Force, Shining Force III, Shining Wisdom, Snatcher, Panzer Dragoon Saga are just plain awesome, and they fetch quite a bit these days.

So, starting out, I’m putting $100 of my money into the Project Retro budget and see what I can do with that. Everything I do will be transparent and recorded. I will be buying and selling on eBay/Amazon/craigslist/locally/gaming sites, and trading when I can. The goal is not to make money per se, but money will be part of the equation as it will be very useful in securing big lots, the main goal is to grow a respectable collection of games only using that $100. During this project, I might have to inject some more of my own money in to expedite things in the beginning or when there is a deal too good to miss. But overall, everything will come from this initial budget of $100.

Let’s go Project Retro!


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