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Project Retro – #001 (SELL) Nintendo DSi Lot with 11 Games for $90

project retro2I immediately started the selling process. Depending on the prices, sometimes it can take a while to find the right buyer at the price we want. But this is our first batch so I think I am going to try to finish as quickly as I can without trying to gain too much out of this one. Trace Memory was sold for $16 shipped at GameTZ. After shipping, we should net about $13. I am having some trouble selling Pokemon HeartGold at $50, since Trace Memory turned out higher than I expected, I am going to lower the price of HeartGold and see if I get any bites. I decided to keep 2 games: Mario Kart DS and Brain Age. Mario Kart DS is a fun game that doesn’t sell as much as the other games in the series, so I decided to keep it. And Brain Age is a filler and I remember I did have fun with it when it came out so I am going to keep that one as well.

Sold: Trace Memory($13)
Selling: DSi w/misc games, Pokemon HeartGold
Keeping: Mario Kart DS (Complete), Brain Age (Complete)


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