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Project Retro – #003 (BUY) Nintendo NES with 10 Games for $93.75

Project Retro Stats

Bankroll: $109
After #003: $15.25
# of Games in Library: 13

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Finally, a real retro bundle! After my disappointment with both #001 and #002, I was glad to have found this bundle at a bargain. So from the picture and seller’s description, it looks like we are getting:

  • NES Systen with hook ups and 2 controllers
  • 10 Games
  1. Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt
  2. Commando
  3. Deadly Towers
  4. Tecmo Bowl
  5. Skate or Die
  6. Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt (2nd copy)
  7. Goal! Two
  8. RBI Baseball
  9. Contra (!!)
  10. Blades of Steel

Although I haven’t dealt with NES in a while, I was under the impression that the NES System, despite all the clones out there is still worth around $50. The highlight of the games bundle is definitely Contra, it should be worth an easy $25. The rest of the games should make up the other $20 or so quite easily. I am pretty excited to play some Contra again. Very excited about this bundle, we can easily keep 2 games and still sell the bundle for about the same as we paid for. Although I would love to keep Contra, that one is needed to really break even so I will end up keeping the lower value ones. Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt seems quite appropriate since there are two copies. Stay tuned, will update once the package is received.


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