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Project Retro – #003 (SORT) Nintendo NES with 10 Games for $93.75

Finally got my hands on the NES System and games. The system was a bit dirty but after some alcohol wipe cleaning, it looks great! The games are as expected, with little to no damage on the labels. Sadly, Contra has a bit of label wear. All in all I am pretty happy with the bundle.

This is a list of what came with this bundle:

NES System Deck
2x Official NES Controllers
Official AC Adapter

  1. Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt
  2. Commando
  3. Deadly Towers
  4. Tecmo Bowl
  5. Skate or Die
  6. Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt (2nd copy)
  7. Goal! Two
  8. RBI Baseball
  9. Contra
  10. Blades of Steel

Also came with the bundle is a NES System manual and manuals for Goal! Two and Tecmo Bowl. Though I didn’t catch that the listing did not include a AV/RF cable. Luckily, I have a RF cable handy I can donate to this bundle. The seller also included the cartridge holder case, but it was too rusty and dirty to be of any value I think. Going to keep two games from this bundle, Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt(naturally, since there are two copies) and Deadly Towers.

Note: I already sold one of the NES controllers, for about $10 as a part of a bigger sale. Also gave away Skate or Die as reimbursement for the delay of shipping the NES Controller, so I donated a Mission Impossible cart as replacement.



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