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3DO – Lucienne’s Quest (Rolling Review) #01


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Lucienne’s Quest is a rare RPG release for the 3DO. Even more rare(for that time period), is having a female protagonist. After two playing sessions, I am not too impressed with the game. Though, I suppose I should curb my expectations as this was released back in 1995. Developed by Micro Cabin, the maker of Fray in Magical Adventure and Guardian War. What? Never heard of those? How about Mystaria: The Realms of Lore for the Sega Saturn? Not really? You must have heard of Naval Ops: Warship Gunner (PS2) or Tunnel B1 (PS1/Saturn)! None of them? Well, I am not surprised. None of these games made any particular huge impact in the west. Though I think Blazing Heroes, another one of Micro Cabin’s releases, perhaps sound more familar to Sega Saturn players. Micro Cabin also released Illusion City, which was only released on MSX, PC-98, and Mega CD (not Sega CD as many other sources indicate), it’s an RPG set in post-apocalyptic Hong Kong!

So far, the graphics are “OK”, it’s comparable to a PS1 RPG released around the same time called Beyond the Beyond. The soundtrack is not great but catchy nonetheless. The dialogue is where the game falters. It’s a bit childish, but more importantly, they over rely on the use of dialogue bubbles. Every time a character speaks, you have to look at where the bubble is pointing to or else you’d have no idea who is speaking. A simple name in the beginning of the dialogue would solve this problem.

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The battle system is pretty simple. It’s turn-based, you got your magic and your attack. You can move the characters around to have a better position to either avoid enemy’s attack(by hiding behind someone with high HP or better defense) or to get into enemy’s position line and be able to attack them without obstacles. Oh! Right, there are obstructions during fighting. For example, a bush or a rock might be scattered between you and the enemy, it will have to be destroyed before you can reach and attack the enemy, same goes for your foes.

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So far the story is pretty standard. You got a young apprentice Lucienne, eager to prove herself so she sets out on a journey to help random guy named Ago. Not much different from all the other ones before and after it. This is the first of many rolling reviews I will be doing as I play through them slowly. Check out these playthrough videos!



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