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Project Retro – #003 (SOLD) Nintendo NES with 10 Games for $93.75


This bundle was parted out in many different trades and sales. Before even receiving this bundle, I had sold one of the controllers as part of a bigger sale for about $10. One of the users from GameTZ wanted a good, clean copy of Goal! Two. Though the manual wasn’t in the best shape, the cart and label were pretty excellent. Sold Goal! Two for $20. The rest of the bundle were also sold to someone from GameTZ for $80 shipped. So here’s the summary for #003:

$10 for a NES Controller
$20 for Goal! Two
$63.65 for the rest of the bundle(after shipping)

Total: $93.65

Games Kept:

  1. NES – Deadly Towers
  2. NES – Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt


Even though we have a net -$0.10, we were able to keep two common NES carts, which is not a bad deal for $0.10. I think the NES bundle was a pretty decent deal as it included the star of our bundle Contra. This was definitely a fun bundle to do. And the games and system were much easier to move. People will always love NES and SNES. I also sold some of the Xbox 360 and Xbox games. They were games that wasn’t going to see alot of play and I did not want to keep a giant OG Xbox around just to play these games. As for the next one, I think I want to do another Nintendo NES or SNES bundle. Or maybe a Sega Genesis or Saturn bundle, stay tuned!

Bankroll:    $130.90


NDS – Brain Age
NDS – Mario Kart DS 
X360 – Splatterhouse
Xbox – Medal of Honor: Frontline
Xbox – Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Island Thunder (This is actually Rainbow Six 3 in Ghost Recon case)
NES – Deadly Towers
NES – Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt

X360 – Diablo III (Sold for $3)
X360 – Dragon Age II (Sold for $3)
X360 – Farcry 3 (Sold for $3)
X360 – Red Dead Redepmtion (Sold for $5)
Xbox – Halo 2 (Sold for $2)
Xbox – Pariah (Sold for $2)
Xbox – Dragon Ball Z: Sagas (Sold for $2)
Xbox – Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2 (Sold for $2)


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