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My Collection – Top Shelf

As of 3/11/2017, this is what I have on my top shelf. These are the games I will least likely to trade away since they are what I set out to collect for.

Guide – Lunar 2: Eternal Blue
Guide – Lunar: The Silver Star
Guide – Vay
Guide – Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete
Guide – Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
Guide – Alundra
Sega CD – CD Back Up Ram Cart (Complete)
Sega CD – Lunar: The Silver Star (Complete)
Sega CD – Shining Force CD (Complete)
Sega CD – Vay (Complete)
Sega Saturn – Dragon Force (Complete)
Sega Saturn – Magic Knight Rayearth (Complete)
Sega CD – Popful Mail (Disc only)
Sega CD – The Space Adventure (Disc Only)
PCE CD – Castlevania X: Rondo of Blood (Repro)
SNES – The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets (Custom Case)
SNES – Sailor Moon (Custom Case)
SNES – Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes (Custom Case)
SNES – Magic Knight Rayearth (Custom Case)
SNES – Super Everdrive (Custom Case)
Genesis – Phantasy Star II (Complete)
Genesis – Phantasy Star III (Complete)
Genesis – Shining Force (Complete)
Genesis – Wings of Wor (Complete)
Genesis – Ys III: Wanders from Ys (Complete)
Genesis – Pier Solar (Complete)
Genesis – Psyoblade (Complete)
TGCD – Cosmic Fantasy 2 (Complete)
TGCD – Exile (Complete)
Artbook – Fire Emblem: Awakening
Artbook – Xenoblade Chronicles




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