Embracing Digital

As a long time collector of video games, back when collecting video games was a nerd’s uncool hobby, back when video games weren’t “retro” yet, I love it! But it’s 2017, you know what I love(maybe slightly less than collecting)? Digital games. The legal and simple way to own and play video games and it doesn’t take up any space in your house, just a few bytes(maybe gigabites for some). I find myself constantly impulse buying a lot of digital games. I admit, I usually forget that I had bought them, the latest example was I was about to buy Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara on Xbox 360 when I checked PSN on a whim, and of course I already have it.

Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara triggered two realizations for me. One, why do I have and still continue to buy these digital games if my time is all but taken up by physical games that I own? Two, digital is way easier and cheaper than collecting. This specific D&D game, is an arcade beat-em-up by Capcom. It was slated for a Sega Saturn release but Capcom pulled it since Sega Saturn was a sinking ship and it never saw a US release. The only way to play it was to import it for the Sega Saturn, the game also requires the 4MB Ram Cart. Thankfully, both import adapter and 4MB Ram Cart can be easily obtained for Sega Saturn in this little device called Action Replay Plus. The Action Replay Plus is a great little accessory for the Sega Saturn, not only does it let you play imports, it also packs 4MB/1MB Ram Cart capabilities, as well as a storage device(Memory Card) and it can also let you use cheats, all that in a nice little cartridge.

Even if imports are easily accessible, Sega Saturn imports are not cheap. Especially the shmup or action-oriented genres that require little or no Japanese to play. D&D would have cost me $100, even more if it came with the Ram cart in big outer box. On the other hand, I don’t remember exactly how much I paid for the PSN copy of D&D, but I am positive it was ALOT less than $100. Though to be fair, playing on Sega Saturn is pretty awesome, especially if you have the proper equipment to render 240p signals(check this guide if you want to get started).

For those who are in similar situation(I have two kids and live in a small city apartment), digital might just be an easier alternative to collectarding collecting.


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