On the Back of Backlogs and Current Playlist

It used to be I couldn’t wait to save up enough money and buy the next big game. And I would dive head first and explore every corner of the world. Nowadays though, it’s quite different. There are just way too many games to play. Good games too. And my time is very limited also. I average only about 5-7 hours a week on gaming. Many of those hours are spent on Street Fighter V. It takes me months to get through an RPG, and that’s if I rush through it.

How do people play through so many games I wonder? I guess if all your disposable time is spent playing videogames, it’s possible. I am happy to just be able to finish a game these days. And I pray for the short play time genres like shmups or platformers.

An advice for myself to follow, just stick to one game until you beat it! Your backlog is way too long, the more you skip around playing a bit of this and a bit of that is only wasting time when you pick it up again later and you have to start from the beginning.

Current Playlist

NES – Castlevania
PS4 – Persona 5 (Soon to start)


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