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MDK (Playstation)

Played another early 3D Playstation 1 game tonight. I still don’t know what MDK stands for or why he looks like Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2. Well, this was before SH2, so it could be the inspiration. Pyramid Head shoots unlimited small bullets, I want to emphasize small because it takes like 20 shots to kill a common enemy. To advance the game, the game gives you hints with GIANT FONT in the MIDDLE of the screen. Kinda obnoxious. Another example of what early 3D games was like.

As with many shooters back then, strafing is a thing. So, you would just strafe left and right to avoid enemy fire and shoot them back. I played a good 10 minutes of it before shutting off. No idea what the story is, but there was alot of free falling for a short amount of time I played. Free falling in the intro video, Pyramid Head just kept falling. And then for like 30 seconds, you played as Pyramid Head free falling and avoiding radar.

I actually have this game on GOG, I guess if I want to continue to play, I will play it on PC. PS1 ports of PC games is so 1995.


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