Humble Bundle and Humble Monthly Reviews

Humble Bundle has been a staple of my digital gaming for several years now. There is always something I can get excited about.

Earlier this year, I fully committed to Humble Monthly, which is a monthly curated set of digital games, so far have far exceeded my expectations and always provided good games and great value.

In the coming months, I will be reviewing Humble Monthly games.

The best way to get into Humble Monthly is to grab the full year. Yes, you will have to commit for the whole year, which is more than $100, but the value and discount it offers is well worth the price.

So, 1 month of Humble Monthly costs $12. Here’s an example of August 2018’s Humble Monthly line up:


The one I looked forward to the most is A Hat in Time.

Anyway, when you subscribe for a whole year, you save $12, which is like getting a whole month free.

So a year of Humble Monthly costs only $132.

You also get 10% off of any game in the Humble Store, which makes Humble Store my go to now for digital gaming, even surpasses Steam!

Check out the Humble Monthly.




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