Humble Bundle and Humble Monthly Reviews

Humble Bundle has been a staple of my digital gaming for several years now. There is always something I can get excited about.

Earlier this year, I fully committed to Humble Monthly, which is a monthly curated set of digital games, so far have far exceeded my expectations and always provided good games and great value.

In the coming months, I will be reviewing Humble Monthly games.

The best way to get into Humble Monthly is to grab the full year. Yes, you will have to commit for the whole year, which is more than $100, but the value and discount it offers is well worth the price.

So, 1 month of Humble Monthly costs $12. Here’s an example of August 2018’s Humble Monthly line up:


The one I looked forward to the most is A Hat in Time.

Anyway, when you subscribe for a whole year, you save $12, which is like getting a whole month free.

So a year of Humble Monthly costs only $132.

You also get 10% off of any game in the Humble Store, which makes Humble Store my go to now for digital gaming, even surpasses Steam!

Check out the Humble Monthly.




MDK (Playstation)

Played another early 3D Playstation 1 game tonight. I still don’t know what MDK stands for or why he looks like Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2. Well, this was before SH2, so it could be the inspiration. Pyramid Head shoots unlimited small bullets, I want to emphasize small because it takes like 20 shots to kill a common enemy. To advance the game, the game gives you hints with GIANT FONT in the MIDDLE of the screen. Kinda obnoxious. Another example of what early 3D games was like.

As with many shooters back then, strafing is a thing. So, you would just strafe left and right to avoid enemy fire and shoot them back. I played a good 10 minutes of it before shutting off. No idea what the story is, but there was alot of free falling for a short amount of time I played. Free falling in the intro video, Pyramid Head just kept falling. And then for like 30 seconds, you played as Pyramid Head free falling and avoiding radar.

I actually have this game on GOG, I guess if I want to continue to play, I will play it on PC. PS1 ports of PC games is so 1995.


Ninja: Shadow of Darkness (Playstation)

I played about 5 minutes of Ninja: Shadow of Darkness. I watched the opening sequence. I just don’t feel anything for it. Upon playing the actual gameplay, it’s rather bland 3-D beat-em-up. Enemies look the same, shirtless monks donning straw hats, there are many of them, all exactly the same.

I would have to be forced to if I really want to move forward with beating the game so at this time, it’s a hard pass for me. Still looking for a game I can enjoy for more than 30 minutes on Playstation.

I have a copy of Ninja: Shadow of Darkness for sale on eBay.

Feel free to check it out.


Running Wild (Playstation)

I played a good 15 minutes of Running Wild, I just kept thinking the whole time: “Why am I not playing Mario Kart?”

OK, that’s not really fair. Running Wild is just screams of mediocrity. Generic anthropomorphic animals with generic names (sure, the panda’s name is Mei Ling :-/) running wild in uninspiring locales.

Oh, on the cover it says “From the producers of Crash”, first nice try and second not even close.


Collecting Cycle

I’ve always been jealous of people with ostentatious game rooms. That’s because I wished I had one. Living in New York City has its perks, but space is in short supply.

So when it comes to collecting, it becomes this cycle of getting a bunch of stuff…then about 2-3 years in, I will have a huge purge that brings my collection down to the bare minimum.

We are fast approaching the purge stage in my collecting once again, and this time it’s more serious than before.

My two girls are growing fast and that means we need more space and that means daddy’s stuff gots to go 🙁


Hexen (Playstation)

Played a little bit of Hexen on Playstation. I didn’t realize it was basically Doom with a fantasy setting. Instead of guns, you get magic and swords. Graphics are terribly outdated. The PC version of Hexen was actually pretty well received. The console versions though are a different story, most likely due to lower framerates and worse graphics.

From what I played, it’s EXACTLY like Doom, which I guess isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I don’t see a reason to keep playing this on Playstation, I’ll keep an eye out for a Steam version when its on sale.

I have a copy of Hexen for sale on eBay.

Feel free to check it out.


Is there a need for physical games when you have a digital copy?

I don’t know how to answer that questions. The collector in me wants to collect every game available for any system, but space and price are big constraints. Having a digital copy of a game means I can go ahead and get rid of my physical copy thus gaining more space. I do still love Premium/Collector’s/Limited editions of good games with extras but digital copies are really appealing in that they are always readily available. Enjoy this awesome wallpaper that came with the game.


On the Back of Backlogs and Current Playlist

It used to be I couldn’t wait to save up enough money and buy the next big game. And I would dive head first and explore every corner of the world. Nowadays though, it’s quite different. There are just way too many games to play. Good games too. And my time is very limited also. I average only about 5-7 hours a week on gaming. Many of those hours are spent on Street Fighter V. It takes me months to get through an RPG, and that’s if I rush through it.

How do people play through so many games I wonder? I guess if all your disposable time is spent playing videogames, it’s possible. I am happy to just be able to finish a game these days. And I pray for the short play time genres like shmups or platformers.

An advice for myself to follow, just stick to one game until you beat it! Your backlog is way too long, the more you skip around playing a bit of this and a bit of that is only wasting time when you pick it up again later and you have to start from the beginning.

Current Playlist

NES – Castlevania
PS4 – Persona 5 (Soon to start)


Embracing Digital

As a long time collector of video games, back when collecting video games was a nerd’s uncool hobby, back when video games weren’t “retro” yet, I love it! But it’s 2017, you know what I love(maybe slightly less than collecting)? Digital games. The legal and simple way to own and play video games and it doesn’t take up any space in your house, just a few bytes(maybe gigabites for some). I find myself constantly impulse buying a lot of digital games. I admit, I usually forget that I had bought them, the latest example was I was about to buy Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara on Xbox 360 when I checked PSN on a whim, and of course I already have it.

Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara triggered two realizations for me. One, why do I have and still continue to buy these digital games if my time is all but taken up by physical games that I own? Two, digital is way easier and cheaper than collecting. This specific D&D game, is an arcade beat-em-up by Capcom. It was slated for a Sega Saturn release but Capcom pulled it since Sega Saturn was a sinking ship and it never saw a US release. The only way to play it was to import it for the Sega Saturn, the game also requires the 4MB Ram Cart. Thankfully, both import adapter and 4MB Ram Cart can be easily obtained for Sega Saturn in this little device called Action Replay Plus. The Action Replay Plus is a great little accessory for the Sega Saturn, not only does it let you play imports, it also packs 4MB/1MB Ram Cart capabilities, as well as a storage device(Memory Card) and it can also let you use cheats, all that in a nice little cartridge.

Even if imports are easily accessible, Sega Saturn imports are not cheap. Especially the shmup or action-oriented genres that require little or no Japanese to play. D&D would have cost me $100, even more if it came with the Ram cart in big outer box. On the other hand, I don’t remember exactly how much I paid for the PSN copy of D&D, but I am positive it was ALOT less than $100. Though to be fair, playing on Sega Saturn is pretty awesome, especially if you have the proper equipment to render 240p signals(check this guide if you want to get started).

For those who are in similar situation(I have two kids and live in a small city apartment), digital might just be an easier alternative to collectarding collecting.