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First Impression: Song of the Deep

Finally got some time to sit down and play Song of the Deep a bit. At first, the game reminded me of a shooter called In The Hunt for PS1/Saturn as they are both underwater sub games. After about 2 minutes of maneuvering Merryn’s sub, I knew the games were going to be drastically different. As In the Hunt is essentially a horizontal shoot em up with submarines, Song of the Deep is all about exploration.


I will have a review up soon after a good playing session. The game is pretty interesting so far. The narrative is well done, the artwork is almost Ghibli-like.

The physical version and digital version of the game cost the same at $14.99, while the collector’s edition costs $29.99. It’s definitely worth it in my opinion, as it comes with a book, and the game in a nice steel case with couple of ┬ástickers.

I also got the HUGE Merryn Pop figure, it’s a bit expensive at $24.99 but it’s definitely one of the biggest pop figures I’ve ever seen.



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